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When buying airport chairs, do you know any tips?

1. The height, width, depth and angle of the armrest of the seat need to be reasonable. Airport chair armrests are generally made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. After a large precision casting mold is die-casted, it is polished and then sprayed or surface electroplated. Among them, the electroplating effect will be better. Improper armrest height can cause rapid shoulder fatigue. In addition to the height of the armrests, the width, depth and angle of the armrest pads also have a lot to do with maintaining a comfortable posture. When people are reading documents or newspapers, their arms placed on the armrests are often slightly spread out into an inverted figure so that they can be flipped through.


2. Breathable fabric material, comfortable, breathable and safe chair surface material are essential. Before choosing a suitable chair surface material, we first need to study the related requirements of human body temperature and humidity comfort. When the ambient temperature is neutral, the human body will feel comfortable, and the human body will maintain thermal balance with the external environment, and will neither sweat nor be too cold. When this balance is broken, the human body will produce more heat through chills, or exhaust the heat in the form of evaporation through sweating. Therefore, can the body temperature be properly maintained or the heat can be dissipated in time to become the chair surface material Important metrics.


3. The seat plate of the airport chair: generally adopt 1.8mm or 1.5mm thickness imported cold-rolled steel plate, electrostatic spraying after rust removal. If you need to add leather pads, add imitation leather or leather pads. In addition, it is necessary to see whether the metal fittings of the airport chair are firm and complete. It is best to try to sit, and whether it is comfortable and not easy to fatigue.