Airport chair, waiting chair, row chair BX-LT3

Product Details

【Product Name】: Airport chair, waiting chair, row chair BX-LT3

[Product color]: optional (subject to the actual product)

[Product packaging]: standard carton packaging.

[Handrails and feet]: It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy by die-casting, the surface is electrostatic powder sprayed, smooth and wear-resistant, and the structure is firm and comfortable to use.

[Seat plate]: PU material, integral mold forming, built-in steel frame, steel frame is formed by stamping and welding of thick cold-rolled square tube and cold-rolled steel plate.

[Beam]: 2.0MM adopts fully enclosed plum blossom-shaped high-quality steel pipe, which has strong load-bearing capacity and stability.

Product Size:

LT1 one person: 630*680*890

LT2 for two persons: 1230*680*890

LT3 three persons: 1830*680*890

LT4 four persons: 2430*680*890

LT5 five seats: 3030*680*890

(Manual measurement, the error is about 10MM, please refer to the actual product)

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